Fairview High School is known, unfortunately to many, as the underdog school in Williamson County. Our academic performance appears to fall short of many others, and part of this could be attributed to the academic environment our school provides. 

For many of our school’s athletes and scholars, there is a notable difference in the celebration of achievements between the two sides. Pep rallies dedicated to sports throughout the year, and maybe one or two set forth for academics. While the achievements of sports are not of lesser value to those of academics, they both should be publicly supported and recognized. One student interviewed stated that, ”The scholarship opportunities open to those who perform on a higher level are major. While everyone loves watching an athlete sign to a college team, it is just as great of an achievement for a student to get an academic scholarship.This should be praised just as athletic scholarships are.”

In responses of many students who participate in sports, they see that while being driven in the classroom by the AP and honors environment to think more analytically and the support and dedication of many teachers, out of the classroom there can sometimes be pushes to value their athletic events over homework or other extracurriculars. While coaches say that academics are more important, it is not reflected in their response to players not being able to attend meetings when they have focus or tutoring. They also only push students to do the minimal work: to pass to play the next game. In this way our school is falling short of supporting athletes who could do great things academically.  

As a school however we have also made many strides. PSAT participation has increased, the AP Capstone program is in its third year, and more and more classes are including discussion based conversations. Fairview High School is developing into, while yes a small school, a mighty one, but there are still steps to be taken. Responses from athletes on how to remedy this situation varied: advertising the scholarships of students more, have teachers vary teaching methods to engage the different types of students (especially athletes who need to move to learn),and even to enforce a larger rule on what grades athletes need to play. Fairview is more than underachieving students, and it is time we reflect that in the balance between academics and athletics.