Since August 13th, members have been hustling to get the play ready for Oct. 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th. The production of Romeo and Juliet has taken multiple set builds, 10:00pm practices and many runs to search for little pieces on the sets and costumes.

Shakespeare is known for having drama and romance with a vast number of comedic relief scenes. This play has all of these elements, as well as action. Many blood spilling scenes, mixed in with the extravagant stage fighting displays, make a very animated performance.

  • Abie Peden (Friar Laurence and Student Director) said, “I feel like this show brings light onto topics that are still relevant today. It’s a great show, it’s wonderful, it’s funny, it’s sad, and it’s heartwarming.”
  • April Gillette (Juliet and Balthazar) said, “The play is amazing, has talented actors and actresses. There’s a very good story line behind it. Everybody should come see it.”
  • Frankie Colfer (Gregory) said, “I think everyone put a lot of work into the show and it turned out amazing!”