Skyward has become a problem. Students can’t find out their current grades, parents don’t like seeing their children’s grades being so low, and to fix this teachers would have to do the impossible and put in grades for every student they have as soon as the school day ends. “We often don’t know how to use it because no one ever teaches us and a lot of people put in zeros as place-holders,” reports a student.

Parents are punishing students for failing grades, which would make sense if they were the student’s real grades. Teachers put in zeros as place-holders and that depletes a students score. The place-holders can stay zeros for weeks. This causes a lot of stress on both the parents and students. Miriam Person asked, “What’s the point of Skyward if teachers don’t update it every time we have a grade?”

When parents and students don’t know what to do, they turn to the teachers. Each teacher usually has over 100 students. With papers being turned in daily, participation grades, and tests, plus projects, teachers get behind fast. Students’ grades plummet and the teachers are often blamed. “While Skyward is good for students to check their grades every so often, it provides stress on students because parents can also see it and it doesn’t update as fast,” says Micah White.

Skyward is not effective enough. We are taught to, “work smarter, not harder.” So, instead of working harder to get in grades and to bring grades up, let’s work smarter and find a better way to keep up with grades.