Arkansas: turkey spaghetti, data shows both white meat and dark meat works well with this dish.

Illinois: pumpkin spice french toast casserole, a breakfast casserole made the night before and it’s microwaved and served for Thanksgiving breakfast.

Louisiana: shrimp-stuffed mirliton, a green, bumpy pear-shaped gourd. It gets a special occasion addition with crab meat and Andouille  for a Thanksgiving meal.

New Hampshire: buffalo turkey dip, this spicy and creamy dip is a delicious way for leftover turkey.

New Mexico: biscochitos, crispy cookies scented with anise and cinnamon that are for coffee or tea after the big meal.

New Jersey: sausage stuffed mushrooms, these mushroom caps are stuffed with sausage, Mascarpone and Parmesan.

South Carolina: pineapple Casserole, a mixture of sweet pineapple and sharp cheddar with a buttery cracker topping.

California: oven baked salmon, large baked fillet that is topped with toasted almond and parsley salad.

Indiana: corn pudding, a creamy casserole with cream cheese and cheddar.

Kansas: cranberry salad, a strawberry gelatin mold packed with cranberries, pineapples and nuts.