Writer’s block is a common obstacle for many people, artists or not. Writing a simple school essay or a complex series of novels, it’s bound to take hold of a writer at some point and can be devastating. However, there are ways to fix the problem.

Chloe Suffrage said, “I hate writer’s block so much. Nothing is worse than having a creative idea and not knowing what to do with it. How I overcome it is: one, scribble down different things until inspiration comes back and two, wait it out and watch something or listen to music.”

Noelle Wiggs said, “Writer’s block is the worst. I would rather do almost anything when you have a picture in your head, but can’t put it on paper? Awful. Horrible. Evil. To get rid of it, I usually take a break, listen to music, do more planning, then try again.”

  • Take a break -Simple, just take a few minutes to hours to relax or focus on something else.
  • Change scenery -Go outside, or come back inside, or go to a completely different place. Traveling definitely creates inspiration.
  • Skip that part -Jump ahead in your work to a new part of the project.
  • Talk to people “it’s in their words” -If you’re in need of an idea, talk to people around you, their words could bring something to mind.
  • Look around -find a point and go from it; look at your surroundings and go from there.
  • Word apps -download an app that generates random words; one is “InspireMe”