Fairview is full of first generation students: that is someone whose parent(s) or guardian(s) have not completed a bachelor’s degree. Today, in a society where there are more and more jobs that require higher college degrees, it is important to pursue a post secondary education. Being the first though, can prove difficult, but according to the Fairview High School student body and staff, it is worth it.

Clay Tyner reflected that for him, “It means that I have the opportunity to better myself through an academic standpoint even though my parents weren’t able to.” This was a resounding answer among students and teachers alike. Coach J. Jackson said that, “It is an honor to be a college graduate and to do something that in your family nobody prior had ever tried to do. It is something that me and my brother really take pride in.” For many this name has inspired them to reach beyond the goals and expectations set before them in their families. Noelle Wiggs already thinking ahead for her future family and college career, says,  “it definitely reminded me that I do need to go to college to give my kids that experience that I never got. ” 

Coming from a family that has never gone to college opens doors of opportunity: scholarships, clubs and programs at schools. First gen students are changing the trajectory of their families.