Place ice cubes on your porch.

Flush ice cubes down the toilet.

Run around the kitchen table five times before bed.

Put your pajamas on inside out and backwards.

Eat vanilla ice cream, ideally with white chocolate chips or sprinkles on top.

Throw ice cubes out the window.

Shave ice or crush it in a plastic bag to make it into smaller pieces and sprinkle it on a tree branch in your yard.

Have an indoor snowball fight. Have a few white socks on hand?

Yell “Snow Day!” into the freezer.

Cover your bedroom window with snowflakes.

Put a white stuffed animal beside your snow shovel (can be outside or inside).

Put a penny under your pillow.

Grate a white crayon. Add the shavings into an ice cube tray with water to freeze overnight.

Put a white crayon on every window in your home.

Run around your house five times.

Try reciting this snow day prayer or if you’re not religious, this snow day blessing.

Put a spoon under your bed.

Drink root beer the night before with a straw.

Write the word SNOW five times on a piece of paper and fold it into a paper airplane (writing on the inside of the plane). Catch a good wind outside to send the plane (and message) soaring up to the clouds.

Wear a colored sock on your left foot but not on your right.

Do a snow dance.

Spin around ten times in each direction while wearing your pajamas.

Sleep with your winter boots beside your bed. They must be on the side you would normally get out of bed.

If you make it, it will come. Create a batch of fake snow.

Draw a picture of a snow scene. Fold the page four times, put it in one of your mittens.

Brush your teeth with the opposite hand. Right handed individuals should brush with their left hand and vice versa.

Shake a snow globe.