We all have seen the black and yellow overalls. Either at pep rally’s, football games, powderpuff, you name it; but, who exactly is supposed to wear them, and who isn’t? The overalls started a few years ago as an unspoken rule. This rule is that seniors get to wear the black and yellow overalls. Each year, student are supposed to look forward to having the honor of getting to wear them as a senior. That is the whole point.

Riley Mcpherson, a fellow senior had this to say, “I’m a little upset that we have lost the respect of keeping the overalls a senior tradition, although it was an unspoken rule it’s frustrating it was broken! I waited all 4 years to get mine and now that it’s finally ‘our time’ it seems as though it’s others time as well” So, let’s keep that a tradition and make sure to wait until you’re a senior to wear the traditional black and yellow overalls!