Photos by Krish Dogra

This weekend, a group of Fairview High School students went to Murfreesboro, where they competed in Model United Nations (MUN). In MUN, students prepare a resolution, or plan of action, for a country they are assigned to in order to address a world issue. They interact in a simulated environment that the world’s leaders use everyday to combat global crises, giving students the space to think from different perspectives. At these conferences, students must use their knowledge of their country and others to support or oppose resolutions and to create alliances so others can support theirs. 

Krish Dogra reported that he, ¨gained and understanding of international issues that opened my eyes to different perspectives of the world.” Students aren’t always in assembly though. They go out to dinners with their friends and there is even a dance on Saturday night. Lane Johnson said that, “The best part about MUN is being with friends.”

And while the opportunity for MUN this year has passed, if you are interested in politics, research, writing, speech, and critical thinking, Youth in Government will be happening next semester. You should be on the lookout for announcements and posters and/or talk to Mrs. Clouse or Mrs. Brown for more information.