Music is changing and people can’t get enough of it. It’s adapting into something new and there’s a hunger for it. Here are some reasons why:

For starters, “Society is more accepting to music that is in a different language,” anonymous. Singers like Selena sing in one language and reach the hearts of everyone, especially people who don’t know what she is saying. Her songs reach a wide audience, even if they don’t understand her.

Another change happening to music is, “the genres are blending more and more,” says anonymous. “Country is changing from bluegrass to more of a poppy sound,” agreed another source. Genres and styles of music are mixing together and adapting to reach more people.

Also, more music is being released. With technology advancements, artists can put out music just about all the time. This gives listeners old songs to learn and remember, and new songs to consume.

Finally, there is a greater diversity in singers. Music is taking in everyone it can, audiences and performers. Many new singers are making their ways along the musical path, and each one is different. Lizzo and Halsey are both pop artists, but they each bring their distinct sounds to the music.

Music is adapting and people are accepting it. Music is in other languages, genres are mixing, more music is being released, and a vast number of new artists are being added to the scene. Music is changing and people love it.