Written by Noelle Wiggs

On Jan 16, Fairview High School is seeing the famed broadway show Hamilton through an education program. The tickets, which are usually anywhere between $119 for balcony seats for the tour to the record breaking $849 for orchestra seats in New York, sell out quickly and are often viewed as inaccessible to the general public, who often do not live near a showing nor the pocket change for the ticket. On the other hand, through the program, Fairview High School has gotten tickets to an exclusive showing of Hamilton for only $25, $10 for the ticket and $15 for transportation fees. Students enrolled in AP US History can see Hamilton, but no one else is guaranteed, or even allowed. There was a lottery to determine which teachers would be able to go, and suspicions of fraud are high. Those involved with the drawing deny any allegations, but it didn’t stop doubt in other staff members, some even bursting into the APUSH classroom and demanding Mrs. Clouse, the teacher, give them their rightfully deserved ticket. More is sure to unfold as the performance draws closer.