We should always strive to be patient with those in our community. If this means not rushing the cashier at Walmart when the line is long or if this means not being rude to our waiter/waitress at a restaurant when they take a little longer than we’d like we should strive to be patient. Rushing or being rude to the staff at any establishment has never gotten me what I wanted any quicker and I’m almost positive it hasn’t gotten anyone else what they wanted any quicker.

When interviewed, Liam Allen said that it was very important to, “be patient with the staff at a restaurant if they get your order wrong, if they are really busy and take a while, or if they can’t hear you through the speaker at the drive thru.”

There are lots of things you could do while you are waiting at a restaurant or waiting in line. Here are some things I recommend.

  1. Read a book on your phone.
  2. Play checkers if you’re at Cracker Barrel.
  3. Play the peg game if you’re at Cracker Barrel.
  4. Talk to someone that you’re with.
  5. Organize something in your car.
  6. Listen to an audio book.
  7. Read the news on your phone.
  8. Scroll through social media.
  9. Update your social media.
  10. Play iSpy.
  11. Try to have a conversation with someone in another language.
  12. Count the tiles on the floor.
  13. Complain about how bored you are.
  14. Daydream.
  15. Take a power nap.
  16. Make a new friend.
  17. Tidy up your wallet.
  18. Grab a magazine to read or just look at the pictures.