Communication for some high school students can sometimes be challenging. It can be challenging to go to someone who you don’t know, and talk about something that’s very personal. At Fairview High however, there is absolutely nothing to be nervous about. Each of our schools resources have an open door and an open mind. 

 Ms. Honaker, one of the three school counselors explained, “When I was in high school, the councilors were very intimidating to talk to, so no one ever did. That is one of the reasons why I became one so that I could prevent that from ever happening.” She also explained the different resources that are here at Fairview. This includes, three school counselors, two mental health advisers (Stars and Mercy), one social worker and one psychologist. Ms. Sullivan, another school counselor said, “I think the counseling center is something that has evolved greatly… This school has gotten great at communicating to students.”

Please never be afraid to talk to one of these resources because here at Fairview, you are never alone.