Did you hear about the two silkworms that got into a race? It ended up in a tie! As the second semester picks up the pace, you might see a fuzzy worm or two around the hallways. They come in many colors and sizes and are very cute. Some people might be wondering what the purpose of these worms are. To clear things up, even though these worms don’t serve a huge purpose, they do serve to make people happy. Noel Wiggs, the creator of a jacket overflowing with these worms said, “Causing happiness, whether they’re laughing at the worms or they’re laughing at me, at least they’re laughing.” Apparently they’re very cheap to buy wholesale, with a 100 pack only. You can use the fuzzy worms in a plethora of settings. Whether it be a child’s birthday party or a team building activity between your peers, you can rest assured that they‘ll brighten the days of everyone around you.