Once a year, theatre kids gather at MTSU for the largest theatre conference in the state, Thescon. The Fairview High School Thespian Society Troupe traveled to the convention over January 17th and 18th and had a ball. Workshops, or theatre classes, were offered throughout the weekend for everyone in the theatre spectrum, from actors to techies to costume and makeup, everyone found something at ThesCon. This year’s theme was PROHIBITED, based on the brief period in the 1920’s in which theatre was banned. Throughout the convention, the hosts performed small skits to move along the plot of an illegal theatrical troupe in the prohibited era. Workshops included a variety of theatrically based events, from clowning, costuming, makeup, managing, design, improv and karaoke. In addition, a small portion of students, particularly juniors, run for the Executive Board of next year’s con and spend the weekend campaigning. Of the tactics used, some had posters with custom memes, Squirmles (otherwise known as Worms on Strings), and a performance advertising their campaign. Of the students that went, many described their experience as “electrifying,” “a blast,” “fun” and “worm.” The Fairview High School Troupe plans to return next year to continue experiencing the theatrical festivities.