Painting requires a lot of patience because if you were to rush all of your paint would mix together or just look all together sloppy. You have to have patience when you are painting anything. If you are painting a picture you would have to wait for layers of paint to dry while if you are just painting the walls in a room or something that would only be one color you would be able to do it all at one time. Often when you are painting, you paint multiple layers, this also requires patience. I personally find something else to do while I wait for one layer of paint to dry. If you were to rush painting a wall you would end up having paint not only all over you but all over anything that is in the general vicinity of what you are painting.

When interviewed about patience when painting, Magen said, “waiting for the finished product to come together even if it takes a long time.” For those of us that paint we can wholeheartedly relate to this statement.

There are lots of things to do while you wait for paint to dry, but I personally feel that finding another task to work at or complete while you wait is the easiest way to forget that you are waiting on paint to dry and make the time go by fast.