AP Art History (APAH) is a course that explores artwork through observation, discussion, reading, and research. Wil Jones, who took APAH last year said, “you will learn about cultures throughout history, through the art they have created, and connect them through simple and abstract means.” In this class, students aren’t graded on their ability to create a masterpiece. Instead, they are given the opportunity to walk through art history and how it has impacted today. Ella Reyerson, who is taking the class this year, said, “A normal day in class includes and entrance bell ringer that typically focuses our attention on what we will learn that day. In the curriculum we are required to learn many aspects of the 250 works that are taught to us. Some of these aspects include the medium, the function, and the context of the piece.”

Including various regions of the world, students can explore concepts of culture, historical context, and interpretations of art that view art history holistically. The class ends in an optional AP exam which is three hours long. It has both multiple choice and free response sections, which test your ability to analyze the works you study throughout the year. 

AP Art History is a class that requires no artistic talent. This class is for anyone who likes art or history, or both.