On Thursday January 16, Fairview High  School’s APUSH class went to see Hamilton, the famed Broadway Musical, at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. In order to get the tickets to the event, all students had to create a written word project based off a historical figure of the founding era. Our very own Skyler Lucas, a student here at FvHS, performed her Hamilton Project for over 2,300 people and the Hamilton cast and Crew on the Hamilton Stage. When her song ended, the audience roared in cheers and applause, led by Fairview. A teacher remarked how Fairview, despite being one of the smallest schools there, was “easily the loudest,” something the students took as a compliment. That afternoon after lunch, the students received their tickets and programs and were set into the theatre to watch the Hamilton performance. The performance was absolutely riveting, and Mrs. Clouse, the APUSH teacher remarked, “Had absolutely no flaws. It was the best performance I’ve ever seen.” The experience was one that would only happen once, but it was also one that we won’t forget for the rest of our lives.