Have you ever wondered how you’re going to pay for college? You could take out a loan, or if you’re lucky, your parents might cover the cost. Fortunately for you, there’s a better option! Scholarships are a great way to stay debt free during college. These are grants made to support a student’s education. They can be based on academic performance, extracurriculars and clubs, or even just random aspects of your life. By the end of this article you should have a good gauge on what kind of scholarships are made for you, and why they’re so important. 

Mrs. Sullivan, a guidance counselor at Fairview high school said, ”Scholarships are important because the cost for college continues to rise. Ideally, we want students to come out with as little debt as possible. In addition, scholarships are monetary rewards for all of the hard work that students are doing.” Even if you apply for a scholarship that covers your full tuition, it’s a great idea to apply for more. You don’t want to end up stuck in debt in case you don’t get the scholarship. Apply for everything you’re eligible for; you never know what you’ll get! Another crucial aspect of applying for scholarships is to know when to start. According to Mrs. Sullivan, “Students should start getting familiar with and organizing scholarships Junior year. While you can’t apply for most until Senior year, you can determine deadlines, criteria, etc… and establish your game plan.” All this talk of scholarships is probably making you wonder where you can find them. There are many on the Fairview High School web page. From scholarships for academic excellence to scholarships for being tall, you can rest assured that there’s one for you.