In March, Fairview High School will present the play “Mamma Mia!” The cast has been working hard since the beginning of December and is excited to present the show. When asked what they liked about Mamma Mia!, Haylei Sharp said, “all the people in it are really nice and I feel like everyone is included…and the songs are pretty bomb.” Haydn Hollis said, “I think it is a very positive and upbeat and social kind of show… very cheesy.” Crew will join the cast next month. Here are the students involved:

  • Donna: Rebecca Boles 
  • Tanya: Maia Sudbrock
  • Rosie: Maddy Thompson
  • Sophie: Lucy Stubbs
  • Ali: Hannah Crist
  • Lisa: Cassy Thompson
  • Sky: Haydn Hollis
  • Pepper: Kobe Kennedy
  • Eddie: Dalton Johnson
  • Sam: Abie Peden 
  • Harry: Vinny Caccese
  • Bill: Robert Lee
  • Father Alex: Bennett Bateman

Female Ensemble

  • Morgan Kirkpatrick
  • Frankie Colfer
  • Skyler Lucas
  • April Gillette
  • Ivy Rolfsen
  • Haylei Sharp
  • Sierra Hadley
  • Anna Sherwood
  • Emily Jameson
  • Haylee Parks
  • Chloe Suffridge 
  • Reilly Kuertz


Male Ensemble

  • Alex Bush
  • Jacob Elderkin
  • Bradley Weaver
  • Tristan Hill
  • Korn Moolinta

Crew List: 

  • Assistant Director: Rylee Nicholson
  • Stage Manager: Lianna Gregorio
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Noelle Wiggs
  • Set Designer/Backstage Manager: Jeanette Nettles
  • Choreographer: Frankie Colfer
  • Assistant Choreographer: Dolly Miller
  • Costume Co-Designers: Olivia Church, Angelean Colon
  • Light Board Op: Logan Wolk
  • Sound Board Op: Alyssa Wilson
  • Mic Op: Magen Street

Run Crew: 

  • Leia Amerson
  • Holly Grable
  • Laine Russell

Costume/Makeup/Hair Crew: 

  • Emily Sullivan
  • Lizzie King
  • Ali Jackson

Front of House Manager:

  • William Perry

Front of House Crew: 

  • Sierrah Blankenship