When asked recently about resolutions for the new year, the student body voted in a variety of ways: 18.2% want to go to the gym more, 9.1% want to do something everyday that makes them happy, 9.1% want to start look at/visiting colleges, 6.1% want to let go of grudges, 6.1% want to drink more water, 3% want to spend less time on technology, 3% want to drink less coffee and 12.1% don’t make resolutions. 

Every year most people make promises to themselves and others about their goals. Seth Decanter said people use resolutions to “try to change themselves.” Emma Vance, a junior explained, ” A resolution is a goal someone makes to improve their own life. I make resolutions, but I don’t normally stick to them.” Resolutions are motivation to the new year and decade that we strive for. Whether it is to go to the gym more or to develop better relationships with people around us, it can be hard to maintain them as the year picks up. Hailee White recalled that, “I start off good when attempting my resolutions, but it tends to not work out and my bad habits stay the same.” Maybe these ideals we set for ourselves do not play out the way we intend, but in this new decade, our student body is full of  positive personal goals and mindsets.

New Years Resolutions