Student council is voted in with only 20 members to represent over 700 students at Fairview High School. Because of this, it can be difficult to represent every voice and opinion. Prem Chudgar, senior class treasurer said, “Anytime student council organizes events, some people always feel excluded or don’t feel heard. They get mad at something that they didn’t like or for not having a certain aspect of an activity. You can’t always please the whole crowd.” It is a given that with every decision comes some backlash from an individual or even a group. 

Krish Dogra, junior class secretary, stated, “Trying to listen to everyone is something that is very possible, but the real challenge is pleasing everyone. We can sit here and take everyone’s input but at the end of the day there are still gonna be people who disagree completely with the decisions we make. People always focus on the things that we mess up on but not the things that we make right.” The goal of student council is to engage the student body and to model jacket pride. On top of that we are also human and we make mistakes.  Clay Tyner, senior class communications officer reported that “We try our best to make the school we care about so much a more enjoyable place.” 

Nicole Grayson, student body president said that her goal when she was running was to give every student a voice. To do so, “We made an instagram for FvHS students and we put polls on there asking questions about homecoming, games during lunch, dress up days, etc.” and even polls in jacket time. It is hard to have something for all of the 700 people who walk in the halls everyday. However, if you feel underrepresented talk to student council about your opinion and how you feel it can be fixed. The only way to fix a situation is to take steps to alter its course. If further into this year there are bigger issues or ideas you want to implement, run. It is not an easy position, but if you are passionate about change then take the opportunity when applications go in next semester and run for a position you can best make that change from.