The Couches, a classic rock band with an indie feel, is composed of four musicians: Dominic the lead vocalist, Sam and Jordan the guitarists, and Lucas their drummer. Sam a student from the county first joined to fill in as bass for their new song. However, he became second guitarist when proposed with the idea. The band name, The Couches, derives from the first band of the group, Spirits of All Souls. Lucas commented that, “Its a nod to Spirits of All Souls cause the acronym spells out sofas. It was kind of a joke at first, but then we said why not keep it. It is kind of a nod to our origin.” While they do mostly covers of popular bands in their genre, they have recently released their first original song “Listen.” 

For them, as Sam put, the band is, “just a fun thing to do honestly.” They meet a lot over the summer and as friends hang out and play music when a gig is coming up. All in all, this band is just a starting point. Jordan reported that, “I think it is a dream for all of us to pursue music. Like I want to get into the production of music.” They all have dreams to not necessarily play in a band in their futures, but instead compose or deal with music in some way. 

For them the band has been an amazing series of memories. For Dominic he simply wants to “make music with them,” but for others, such as Lucas, it is a dream. “In 8th grade when you all were still in Spirits of all Souls and we were just beginning to be friends, I thought it was so cool that you were in a band. I had always wanted to be in one. That’s what it is for me, something I have always wanted to do.” Jordan said, “I will always look back at my high school days and remember I was in a high school band with some of my best friends, and it was honestly one of the best memories I will have in my high school life. Music is a connector of people.” At the end of the interview all agreed with Sam who stated confidently, “We are the only band in Fairview. You could say we are the number one band in our city.”