There’s so much to talk about when it comes to fine arts. Theatre, music, artwork, are all things that can give someone the opportunity to express themselves; But, what is the side that most people don’t see? Someone who is not in fine arts does not see the stress that goes behind making an amazing show in a matter of just a few months, or the process of creating an amazing art piece. It’s all behind the curtains (no pun intended) 

One of the members of the cast of Mamma Mia, Kobe Kennedy, a junior at Fairview said, “frustration happens a lot due to having to stay after so much and having to study and do homework late at night so it messes up my sleep schedule” And I think he speaks for most of the cast when he said that. Being a part of theatre is a big commitment. 

One of our own alumni, Kianne Gimenez, who graduated last year as the class of 2019 was an amazing artist in her high school career. She was asked, “how does frustration tie in with your artwork?” She replied, “To be honest I deal with frustration in every artwork that I make. It comes from knowing how my drawings or paintings should turn out in my head and I want it to be perfect each time. It adds a lot of unnecessary pressure and makes me feel like my work is terrible…” Almost every artist or person in theatre can understand the frustration and stress of making every detail of what they do to represent themselves perfect.