Technology is so advanced that someone can’t walk into a room without seeing it. It helps keep people updated, it creates connections between people all over the world and it contributes positively to everyday life.

“It keeps me updated with everything,” says anonymous. Alerts and notifications buzz every second and constantly tell or remind us what is happening somewhere on the Earth, “It allows me to have friends all over the world,” says that same person. Viewers can make friends in every country thanks to the science.

Technology is a must have for school. For grades, projects, tests, guides, everything. School, work, projects, sleep, appointments, raising children, hobbies, transportation,  and health are all parts of everyday life that technology effects.

For example, students in the community, and their parents, are using technology to build a set design. It helps to give ideas, teach building techniques, and calculate distances and amounts. This makes the task simpler and easier.

Technology keeps people updated, creates world wide connections, and helps with everyday life. It’s a humongous contribution to almost every task. Technology is important.