Soon the community art painted at a football game a month ago will go up in each of the four schools in Fairview. Each painting holds the colors of their school: Fairview High is black and yellow, Fairview Middle black and red, Westwood is orange and black, and Fairview Elementary is red, white and blue. Ally Jackson, the president of the National Art Honor Society at Fairview High School, said that they “have always loved the idea of community paintings to represent our school and town!” These paintings, of different colors and shapes, epitomize the values of a community. Each item on the canvas has a different style and blend, but they all fit together on the canvas as one voice. 

According to her, the society tries to create a piece of community artwork every year. In fact, their Special Olympics art completed a couple of years ago still hangs at the high school. It is something they plan to continue: to unite the community through the powerful mediums of art. The different voices of the community come together in pieces or events such as these. Ally commented, “I think it’s super cool to be able to step outside of the art classroom and see how creative the community can get!”