Baseball season is upon us. With our new coach, Mr. Gregali, nobody knows how the season will go. Hopefully, with his 11 years of coaching experience at Ravenwood, he will bring up our team. He has high hopes for our freshman. ¬®They’re solid and getting better every day,” he explains. There are a total of 6 seniors on our baseball team. When interviewed, Wesley Jean says, “We’ve got a lot of pitchers who can give us good quality innings in the mound and a lot of guys who can hit the ball.” The boys are dedicated to using their skills to be the best, so we are sure to be a big hit this year!

My favorite part about being on baseball is being able to make memories with people who I’ve been on a team with for awhile… and having fun doing what I love.”

-Ryan Sullivan

Mr. Gregali
Mr. Gregali Baseball coach
Mr. Gregali teaches U.S. history. He likes to cook and hang out with his family.
Experience with coaching: 11 years