Feb 4. Girls Win 35-34, Boys Win: 39-36

The last home game of the basketball season this year led to tight wins for both the girls and boys against East Hickman. Beginning at 6, the game was low scoring in the second half until both teams picked up their speed. Kaycie Mullens took control of the ball, until she fell from injury. Having to be carried off the court, the team took the hit of losing their point guard. East Hickman began gaining points until, in the last 40 seconds, the game tied 34-34. Kelsey Gossage says that when tied, “It really stresses me out. I just try my best to not get discouraged and to keep everyone else up as well, but that’s probably the best thing about our team is we’re all really close and pick each other up when we’re in stressful situations.”

 In the final moments,  a foul is made against Anastasia Bierley. She takes her position in the paint, and she breaks the tie, leaving the Lady Jackets winners of the night.  Anastasia recalled that, “Truthfully, I had no idea that I made the last shot until I went to see my friends after the game, but once I realized that I did, all you can think about is what if I missed that shot? It’s just a mind game when it comes to that last shot.”

The girls won 35-34 and the boys won 59 to 56, as both teams celebrated Senior Night. Kelsey said, “It’s a little bittersweet knowing the seniors will be leaving after the season, but it was really great to be able to win on their last home game.”