Not making the grades you’d like to? Struggling to recall necessary information in class? Try implementing some different study habits.

a whiteboard covered in notes

Alexis Miniat suggests using a white board.

Alexis also recommends studying somewhere other than your house. Some options are: coffee shops, libraries, and study hall.

computer and textbook open on a table
papers scattered in a circle

Torie suggests studying in 15-30 minute intervals a few times a day to help you easily retain the information and not be overloaded all at once, and Alexis says she studies at the start of her day.

papers scattered in a circle

Noelle Wiggs commented that listening to classical music with alpha wave overlay helps her focus and retain information.

music notes scattered on a page
color coded notes

Color coding your notes has also been proven beneficial when studying, or even just rewriting your notes in general.