Track season is starting off well and it looks like it’s going to be a great one! Track is a great sport with many benefits for the students involved, including physical fitness, possible scholarships, and exposure to the full experience of high school. The events in track range from sprints and hurdles to relays and distance runs. According to Coach Phillips, some important qualities for the students to have are hard work ethics, dedication, and competitive mindsets. So far, this year’s team is looking strong and ready to win.

“The most rewarding part of coaching the track team is seeing players improve their time. This is a concrete way for them to see themselves grow as an athlete and make them want to reach a new/better goal.”

-Coach Phillips

 As Coach Phillips put it, “For the boys team I believe we will do good in sprints and long distance, at the moment we do not have any mid-distance runners, boys or girls. I see this as a building opportunity for our team. For the girls we will do well in some field events, the 400m, and our 1600m.” Win or lose, the skills and advantages that students gain from being on the team are invaluable and will carry them through many parts of their lives.