Fairview High is traditionally a smaller school with limited resources, teachers, and classes, but its students dream of more. As someone with friends in other schools with more opportunity for different classes, it made me wonder what other students wished could be possible within their academic lives through what classes they took, so I took to the metaphorical streets and interviewed as many students as I could and asked one simple question: If you could take any class at this school, currently offered or not, what would it be? The results slowly flowed in and patterns soon emerged. A large majority wanted either a home ec, culinary, or an additional arts class, all classes offered at other WCS schools, but not at Fairview. Other responses included those centered around physical activity (like surfing or lifelong fitness), language (such as German or Sign Language), and even classes based in more traditional subjects such as english, science, and history (including Astronomy, World War studies, Mythology, and Geology).