Artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Michelangelo have some amazing artwork. However, have you ever wondered how they got the idea for their work? Some Fairview High School artists were asked where they get their inspiration from, and here are their responses:

A girl stands while holding her painting of a room.

Senior Riley McPherson said, “I’m doing my artwork based on my dreams.”

A sketch of a group of people holding flags is shown.

Junior James Victor responded with, “I tend not to think so much about my own problems, but what other people are going through…I think that makes it more relatable.”

A girl holds her painting of a girl looking at her evil reflection in a mirror.

Senior Daisy Gonzalez said, “Music is the best source of inspiration.”

A painting of a woman in a pink dress sits of a table.

Junior Emily Lester replyed, “I get inspiration from how light hits things… fashion and cultural differences… and also, I’ve been inspired by different effects from different materials.”