Waffle House

Sharon Hall, the codes clerk of Fairview has stated that, while they are unsure when the Waffle House will be running, it is set to be put next to the Mapco in the City of Fairview on Highway 100. Due to the Waffle House building schedule they haven’t started. However, with a building permit only lasting a year, we can expect to see them up and running in the next 12 months. 


The building off of the interstate across from the Flying J is in the works to be a Subway. According to Prakash Patel, the owner of the Subway, they will be opening in the next month or so. 

Growing Fairview

Over the past ten years, Fairview has seen growth. Gaining a Walmart in 2014, a Hardee’s in 2016, family owned businesses such as Nando’s Burrito and Taco Shop popping up in 2019 and new residential areas being built everywhere, our small town is becoming less small as every year passes. While this may be good for the growing population overflowing from Nashville, it has the possibility to infringe on Fairview’s suburban bubble.