An old can is filled to the brim with paintbrushes.

Although Fairview doesn’t technically have assigned parking spots, another student taking YOUR parking spot is an experience many are outraged at. Students have unofficial spots and tend to get very territorial when their spot is taken. The Student Council has seen the discourse and is hoping to take action. Other schools have taken up assigned parking spots, particularly with a numbering system, but StuCo is hoping to do so with a bit more pizzazz. They hope to not only offer reserving parking spots for the year for a fee, but also to allow customizing and painting your parking spot. Alexis Miniat, president of the junior class, has said, “It’s an idea that has been thrown around a lot in the past… but the cost can be a deterrent.” It would likely be reserved for seniors and possibly upperclassmen. Ideally, it would become a reality in the next few years, but she hopes that it would become a reality as soon as possible. In the words of Alexis Miniat, the project’s only limit would be “students’ imagination… and that’s really cool.”