Suicide is a word that we all can get uncomfortable with. Depression, agonizing pain, and severe anxiety are all  things that a lot of us may not really see in an individual. The happiest person you know right now could be the one that is hurting the most. It can be difficult to read the signs. 

The 9th leading cause of death in Tennessee is suicide. In 2016, there were approximately 1,111 total suicides. These numbers and facts can be scary. They would be scary to anyone; but, what can we do to overcome these scary numbers of suicide? 

In the situation that your friend or loved one struggles with depression or anything else of the matter, you can do so many things to make them aware of the joy and love that surrounds them. Give them someone to talk to, someone that can understand them. Be that shoulder to cry on, be that 4 a.m. call because they don’t know what else to do with their mind boggling thoughts. The smallest action can be a choice of life and death with a person that is being tortured by suicidal thoughts.

If you however are a person that does struggle with these thoughts, with depression, agonizing pain or severe anxiety, one sentence that you always need to keep in your head is that you are not alone. If you’re reading this and you feel that you are completely alone, there are people who care about you so dearly. If you are a student, get in touch with one of the school counselors or the mercy counselor at the school.

If you are more comfortable talking over the phone or over text, the national suicide prevention hotline number is 1-800-273-8255. They are on the line 24/7 so please, if you are truly struggling, get in touch with your loved ones, friends, teachers, anyone. Again, you are never alone in this.