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  • girls competitively playing flag football
  • Seniors 80s themed float decorated with a rubix cube and atari signs
  • girls on the 50 yard line for flag football game

The rainiest homecoming yet

By |October 31st, 2019|

Homecoming Queen: Ashleigh McKinney Homecoming Floats: 1st: Seniors 2nd: Sophomores 3rd: Juniors 4th: Freshmen Powderpuff football game: Freshman v Seniors; Seniors Sophomores v Juniors; Sophomores Championship: Seniors [...]

  • Seniors 80s themed float decorated with a rubix cube and atari signs
  • Senior 680s themed float with the bike from E T and a football goal and a boombox
  • side view of the junior float with a disco ball and a dance floor with speakers, all in mostly colored neon things
  • the 70s staff board where all the teachers that were born in the 70s are on there in neon orange and yellow
  • front view of the junior float with a play on that 70s show but instead it has class
  • back view of the class of 2021s 70s themed float with disco people and peace signs
  • front view of the class of 2022s 50s diner float
  • Side view of the class of 2022 50s diner
  • Class of 2022s float with a sign honoring the men that fought in the war
  • Freshmans 60s floats with the VW van and peace signs
  • Class of 2023 float with the 60s peace signs and a giant yellowjacket
  • A Pac Man themed float that says game over
  • F F A float with railing made out of wood with the letters in blue and yellow

Floating for homecoming 2019

By |October 31st, 2019|

Every grade poured time and effort into our floats for the parade this year! Floats turned out amazing, and we hope it was a homecoming to remember [...]

Jacket Feed

  • A giant hauntingly scary tree trunk and more spiderwebs from the house with a life size witch
  • A house with spiderwebs and inflatable jack skelington sitting on a pumpkin and his dog in his doghouse with carved pumpkins on the porch
  • Orange lights on the porch
  • a house with a lit up tree and pumpkins with ghost projections on the wall
  • Purple lights with a ghost hanging on the porch
  • Blow up scary trunk of a tree with orange lighting and pumpkins
  • Orange bushes with pumpkins going down the stairs on each side
  • a house with spiderwebs wrapped around the stair railing and pumpkins on the porch
  • A house with an inflatable pumpkin and a ghost sitting on it
  • A child-like inflatable vampire with 2 friendly scarecrows by their door
  • Projected skeletons on their outside wa;;
  • Projected ghost on front wall with orange lights and a giant inflatable pumpkin man

Bye spooky season

November 7th, 2019|

As we wrap up Halloween, we start preparing for the next holiday. Let's recap, Halloween was a cold night, but there was [...]

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