About Thompson’s Station Elementary School

Dating back to its first settler in 1780, Thompson’s Station, TN is steeped in a rich history. Despite several name changes, the young town donned it’s permanent name in 1856 when Dr. Elijah Thompson donated the land on which the village was built. It was around this time that the first train rolled into Thompson’s Station, carving its mark as a shipping center. The railroad was a central part of the town through the 1940’s, used by farmers and big companies alike to help stimulate the growth of Thompson’s Station. However, as trucking and road transit grew, the railways faded and the town’s train station was torn down in the 1950’s. In 1996, a new depot was constructed to serve as Thompson’s Station’s town hall.

It is in tribute to this rich history and it’s benefactor that decades later, Thompson’s Station Elementary was named. In commemorating the once thriving locomotive industry, our community  voted for our mascot to be the Thunder, honoring the mighty sound of a strong and vibrant history. Much like its namesake, Thompson’s Station Elementary and Thompson’s Station Middle School were built to serve as a hub and much needed academic addition for a booming community. Thompson’s Station Elementary opened with 620 students and 40 plus faculty and staff. Thompson’s Station Elementary School is proud to be a part of this historic community and strive to make the town and its legacy proud!

Sepia toned building, and steam locomotive on a track.
Overhead of Thompson's Station Elementary including the footprint of the building, sidewalks, and part of the parking lot