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We are Thompson’s Station Middle

Thompson’s Station Middle School is the newest middle school in the Williamson County Schools District in Tennessee. Located in southern Williamson County, TSMS is named for historical Thompson’s Station, TN. Even our mascot, the majestic locomotive named “Thunder” speaks to the history of Thompson’s Station.

The first trains rolled into Thompson’s Station in August 1855, sparking the village’s growth as a shipping center. Farmers from surrounding areas drove their hogs, sheep and cattle to Thompson’s Station to be loaded onto trains and taken to market. The railroad remained a big part of the town’s life through the 1940s, when chemical companies relied on trains to transport the region’s phosphate rich dirt to processing plants.

During the latter stages of the Civil War, Union troops garrisoned in Nashville and Franklin frequently reconnoitered and foraged for food as far south as Thompson’s Station and Spring Hill. In the spring of 1863, the Federal Army made several expeditions into the area to collect food and hay.

On March 5, in Thompson’s Station, Confederate General Earl Van Dorn defeated Union troops under the command of Colonel John Coburn, who was captured along with 1,220 of his men. The battle was decided by a cavalry brigade under General Nathan Bedford Forrest, which overran the Federal left flank and split the Union soldiers. During the spirited fighting, General Forrest’s famous mount, Roderick, was killed.

TSMS is proud of the railway history of Thompson’s Station. The train theme can be seen in our mascot, the Thunder, and the naming of key locations and activities within our school.

TSMS is part of a K-8 facility with extensive grounds covering over 40 acres of land. In addition to the school grounds, TSMS is the only middle school in WCS to have athletic fields with a concession stand and restrooms.



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