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Thompson’s Station Middle Extracurricular Activities

Thompson’s Station Middle School strives to offer extracurricular opportunities for every student. Information on meetings or try-out opportunities for our various clubs and teams, will be posted as information becomes available. If you are interested in starting a club, please contact the front office or an administrator.

Theatre Arts

Auditions for the TSMS Musical will be Aug 28, 29, and 30.  Your child may choose ONE of those days to come and auditions.  Auditions will end at 5:15, but if we are finished with some students before that time, they may contact you to be picked up if they wish.  If we need to schedule callbacks after auditions, we will schedule those if necessary.

Students who are auditioning must return their audition form by Monday Aug 27.  Late forms will not be accepted.  Part of the audition process is demonstrating preparedness and responsibility.

We prefer that you fill out the Audition form via Google Forms, but we will accept the paper copies given out at the interest meeting (though, note there are a few edits, and the Google Form is up to date.  If you are returning a paper copy, please indicate which audition day your child will be attending.)

Audition Form:  https://goo.gl/forms/nvK9qKBfVd4DO8Oh2


Two teacher recommendations are required in order for a student to audition.  Please copy and paste the following link to two former teachers (not from this current school year) or other appropriate adults who know your child well, excluding family members. (Examples:  youth pastor, scout leader, coach, homeschool teachers, etc.)  Once you have sent the link to these teachers or other adults, it will be their responsibility to fill out that Google Form.  Your child will not see it after it has been completed.

Teacher Recommendation Form:  https://goo.gl/forms/yq75ZFrPvc2xHJ4a2

What to Prepare for Auditions:

Everyone auditioning must come prepared to sing.  There are no non-singing parts.  There are two options for this.

Students may:  bring an accompaniment track on a cell phone, and sing along with this track.  (Please bring an adapter to plug in a headphone jack so we can plug the phone into our sound system.  This track must NOT have vocals on it.  We want to hear your child singing.


Students may: come prepared to sing The Star Spangled Banner (a capella).  They may have the lyrics in front of them in they wish.  Students choosing to sing The Star Spangled Banner will sing together in a large group first then may be asked to sing again alone.

Cold reads:  All students auditioning will be asked to do a cold read from a portion of a script.  They may be put in small groups to read, or read individually.  They will have a few minutes to look over the script, and will then be asked to read in front of the whole group.  Be prepared to project your voice, and show expression and character.

Families will be notified via email when the cast list is finished.  Parents of every student who auditions will be sent the cast list via email.  Students who are cast will then receive a subsequent email with the rehearsal calendar and an invitation to the Google Classroom for the show.  This list will be sent out PROBABLY by Friday, Aug 31.

Please understand that as a new school just starting our program, we must be given a chance to get to know the students before entrusting them with such a large responsibility as theatre crew.  So ALL students interested in the musical will need to audition.  Students interested in working backstage can indicate this on their form.  Crew members will be notified in the same way as cast members.

Please understand that with about 70 students interested, and only 30 roles to offer, we will not be able to cast everyone who auditions.  We are glad to give feedback to help students improve for future auditions, but casting decisions are final.

Thank you for your interest in our program!  I was overwhelmed by the response of interested students, with our program in its infancy.  I know there are many hurdles we will have to overcome this year, and I greatly appreciate your support.  I already feel like we are becoming a family at TSMS, and I look forward to getting to know all of you and your students!

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