Comprehensive Learning Resources for All Students

Below you find a link to learning resources for all students. Posted March 26, 2020.

Click HERE for Learning Resources Spring 2020
Click HERE for Remote Learning & Grading Plan Second Semester 2020
Click HERE for Instructions on How to Access ClassLink from Home
Click HERE for Elementary Video Tips

March 30, 2020

Students in the Spring Hill area have Internet access thanks to the City of Spring Hill!  Read about 24/7 wifi available throughout the city.

Our Learning Plan During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Updated March 25, 2020

WCS schools are closed per Governor Bill Lee’s recommendation that Tennessee public schools close through Friday, April 24, 2020. Students will continue off-site learning and review through April 24, 2020. Students may use online resources and/or printed materials during this school closure, based on student access to the Internet and preference. Our goal is to keep students engaged in learning this school year’s content while they are away from our buildings.

At the elementary level, our focus will be on reviewing math, English Language Arts (ELA) and reading. At the secondary level, material will be both grade level and content specific, with resources and work students may complete at their grade level, including specific content for all high school courses. Our special education staff has also been working on helping make resources accessible for students with disabilities.

During the time we are out of school, no attendance or grades will be taken. However, at the secondary level, missing assignments that were given and were due prior to school closing for this extended period can be submitted to your teacher for a grade. Third quarter grades are not final and will remain incomplete during the school closure.

This plan will be amended from time to time as needs change with this fluid event.

Online Subscription and Related Resources (Available March 20, 2020)

Online WCS Grade Level and Course Specific Materials (Available evening March 26, 2020)

  • Elementary grade level content with a recommended schedule available in pdf format on ClassLink, reviewable online or printable at home.  Additional materials added through remainder of school year.
  • Secondary grade level and course specific content available on ClassLink through Google Site titled “Learning Resources Spring 2020” on ClassLink dashboard. Additional content to be added through remainder of school year.

Other Materials for Learning and Review (Available beginning March 27, 2020)

  • Elementary content published online March 26, 2020, will be made available to those needing a paper version. Elementary schools will offer pickup at school sites on March 27, 2020.  Principals to share pickup schedules with families.
  • Secondary content will be available in printed form. Principals will communicate how to request printed copies of resources as materials are released.
  • The district will provide resource documents that include accessibility guidance, accommodation ideas, and also resources to supplemental materials. The accommodations document will provide explanations to assist families and caregivers with implementation.

Student Help Desk (Available March 20, 2020)

If students need help logging in to any of their school accounts, call 615-472-4199. Please leave a voicemail and a member of the Instructional Technology team will return your call.  You may also email the Student Help Desk for username and password help.

How to Acquire a Chromebook (Pickup Schedule beginning March 26) or Assistive Technology

For students who don’t have at least one available device at home to access the internet, the WCS Technology Department is preparing Chromebooks for curbside pickup at multiple locations. High School pickup will begin March 26, with middle pickup on March 30, and elementary pickup on April 1. Schools will communicate the pickup schedule and process.

Assistive Technology (AT) devices used by students during school will be made accessible through check out.

If your child may have accessibility issues for the optional educational resources due to a disability that may warrant the need for assistive technology, please email ( or call (615-472-4132) Kim Palmer.

Teacher and Staff Communication and Support

While students are learning and reviewing at home, teachers and staff are working from home. Students may email teachers using their myplace email. Teachers can give feedback, recommend resources, assist students in instruction. No student work will be graded or required to be turned in. Parents may email your child’s teacher, and email addresses can be found on your school’s website. Counselors, social workers and other professionals will also continue their work serving students. Your child’s principal will also be sharing information with you from time to time and may be a resource to connect you with WCS services. Special Education staff will assist students with accessibility to content.

Food Assistance

We know students cannot be engaged or learn if they are hungry. There are a number of ways for students and/or families to acquire food support across Williamson County. Please visit the district website for food distribution opportunities.