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Extracurricular Activities at WES

We are very proud of our students in their efforts to learn and develop socially. Students are exposed to many learning experiences that enrich their learning and lives.

2015-16 WES Safety Patrollers pose in their sashes.
In the fall, students will ask family and friends to donate pledges.  Then, students will run, jog, or walk laps.  Students will be rewarded for raising money for Westwood!  Top runners will receive medals or trophies.
Roller skating is offered through physical education class during the school year.

In the spring, students have a chance to show their talents.  Students perform in front of the grade.  Afterwards, some students are selected for the “Best of the Best” Talent Show.  The students selected for this show perform in front of the entire school.  The 2017-2018 Talent Show will take place on May 14th and 15th.  The “Best of the Best” Talent Show will take place on May 17th.

Friends Learning in Pairs (FLIP) is a program that enriches students’ love in reading.  If students are a part of FLIP, then they meet once a week with and elderly friend to read a great story.

Westwood Elementary has an active Safety Patrol consisting of more than ninety fourth and fifth graders.  Students have an opportunity at the beginning of the school and before Winter Break to apply.  The application process includes parental approval and a teacher’s recommendation.  Patrollers are expected to maintain good grades and exhibit positive behavior so they can serve as role models for the school population.  Patrollers have prospects twice a year to be selected as an Officer (Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant) for a post.  Post assignments include morning car duty, morning/afternoon bus duty, flags, halls, and morning cafeteria or gym.  Officers also help with assemblies.  Rising third graders may apply for Safety Patrol at the end of their third grade year.  Questions should be directed to Jessica Alberson or Tami Williams by calling 615-472-4890.

Westwood Elementary Safety Patrol Program Guide

The purpose of the Green Team Club is to provide students the opportunity to experience hands-on activities to learn how to become environmentally responsible. Students will learn how to conserve, protect, and restore the environment. The club is open to 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students at Westwood Elementary. Students pick up recycling bins in classrooms, work outdoors with flowerbeds, and be given an opportunity to participate in a Spring service learning project. Applications are in the fall and it is a one-time application process for the whole school year. Direct questions to Mrs. Alberson or Ms. Williams by calling (615) 472-4890.

Rising 6th Grade Tryouts & Athletics

For student athletes transitioning to middle school, please visit the WCS Interscholastic Athletics page for information and all required forms needed to be eligible for tryouts and participation in athletic programs or activities.