Counseling at Westwood Elementary

Westwood is lucky to have a wonderful guidance program that includes a Mercy counselor and two guidance counselors. The counseling program at Westwood includes classroom guidance lessons that are centered around state standards, individual and small group counseling, and family conferences.  The goal is to always be available to help students with problems that may interfere with learning.

NameJob TitleTelephoneLinks
Holly Toensing
Mercy Counselor
Julie Warden
Guidance Counselor
Rachel Reavis
Guidance Counselor

Group Counseling

The following counseling groups are available throughout the school year based on the needs of children at Westwood Elementary. All groups are conducted in an open, interactive environment where it is safe to share thoughts and feelings with others. Children get to participate in fun games and activities with a child focus. Children abide by the code of confidentiality by keep other’s private information private. Each group devises their own agreed upon group rules. Children usually enjoy the small group setting and sharing with others.

The Family Changes Group focuses on the family structure such as divorce, the absence of a parent, new marriage, or family relocation.

The Remembering Group focuses on dealing with emotions present when one lose a loved one. Also, positive ways to cope with loss is explored.

The Friendship Group focuses on building bonds between students by strengthening friendships.

The Cooperation Group focuses on building social skills including cooperation and getting along with others. Subjects addressed are sharing, taking turns, using kind words, and solving problems peacefully.

The I Like Me Group focuses on building self-esteem by exploring children’s skills and talents while sharing them with others.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is available for any child in need of a one-on-one session with the counselor to talk about good days, bad days, and how to solve one’s problems peacefully, as well as to share celebrations and progress. A student may see the counselor upon teacher request or through self-referral. A teacher or student can fill out a referral form and leave it in the counselor’s box in the office.