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The WES library staff operates on the assumption that all students can learn to read when given the opportunity. It is the goal of the staff to provide ample opportunities for students to practice reading skills acquired in the classroom setting.

K-3 students will be given a book bag at the beginning of the year to use to protect the book and help locate it easily for return.

Books may be kept for one week. Students who do not return books are not allowed to check out additional books.

Books are collected in the classroom and sent to the library on the morning of the classroom’s library day.

Books damaged while in a student’s care will be assessed by the librarian to determine whether repairs can be made. Lost books and books damaged beyond repair are billed to the student/parent. The student may check out additional books when the damages are paid for.

Book Selection Policy

This book selection policy reflects the student/teacher needs for Westwood Elementary School in Fairview, Tennessee. The Title I school serves approximately 570 students in a mostly blue-collar, middle income, rural/suburban setting.

The purpose of the school library media center is to provide developmentally appropriate instructional materials and recreational materials so that each student has the potential to develop to the best of his or her ability, mentally exploring the widest possible opportunities. The collection should support the curriculum in all disciplines as well as provide a common body of knowledge.

  • Book purchase requests may be made by faculty, parents, or students. The final purchase decision will be made by the library media specialist after consulting a variety of selection aids.
  • Criteria for selection will be made considering the following questions:
  • Does the item support the curriculum?
  • Is it age/developmentally appropriate for the patrons?
  • Is the material timely? Will it be outdated quickly?
  • Is the material accurate? Is it written or edited by an authority on this subject?
  • Is the scope of the material adequate? Are there views not represented?
  • Is the material visually pleasing and readable? Are the illustrations supportive of the text?
  • Are there user aids such as a bibliography, glossary, or index?
  • Is the current collection already heavy in this area?
  • Will the material be widely used?
Collection Maintenance (weeding)
  • Materials that have disfigurements beyond repair will be discarded.
  • Materials that are outdated or obsolete will be removed from the collection.
  • Materials that are age or developmentally inappropriate will be removed.
Controversial Material
  • Any patron or parent may challenge a selection by completing a “Request for Reevaluating Media Materials” form.
  • Challenged titles will be reevaluated by a committee composed of parents, teachers, media specialist, and the principal.
  • The media specialist will be responsible for researching other challenges for the same title.