Programs that are available to your student.

Walnut Grove Elementary has a broad range of offerings and opportunities for our students. These activities are available before or after school.

WGES Chorus with Mrs. Teresa West as advisor is offered to students in grades 3-5 who are interested in singing in a group at a more challenging level. The chorus provides opportunity to learn many different types of music including standard two-part choral, folk, pop, cultural, holiday, sacred and secular songs.

They rehearse before school once a week and perform programs during the school year including holiday and spring concerts.

Green Team is available to participants in grades 3-5. Green Team meets most Fridays in the hallway near the gym at 8:15 AM. Dismissal back to class is at approximately 8:50 AM.

Allergy Alert: Students may come in contact with allergens while they are recycling paper wrappers, plastic, cardboard, aluminum, and glass.

The Green Team recycles for all of Walnut Grove Elementary. There are times where Green Team members are asked to help with other duties, such as, making posters, announcements on TV or recycling at school wide events.

WGES Jump Rope Team  is offered to students in grades 3-5 who are interested in learning new jump rope skills and performing jump rope sequences with friends. Members meet at 8:00 AM every Wednesday from the months of September though May. Coach Monica Woods is the advisor for this team.

The Walnut Grove Physical Education Department offers a Track Team that meets on Mondays from 8:00-8:40 am. Track will start on September 9, 2019 and end on November 18, 2019.  All student participants will report to the gym and place backpacks next to the bleachers. The location of the track is near the red and blue playground in the back of the school. If it is raining, we will not meet for Track Team and it will be canceled for that week. Please do not drop your child off, because there will not be any supervision for your child. Parents are welcome to come and join in on the fun and fitness!

If you have any additional questions, please email Coach Joe Brown or Coach Woods at Coach Monica Woods.

WGES Student Ambassadors with Dr. Kate Donnelly and Mrs. Debbie Gaidos as advisors is offered to fourth and fifth grade students who are interested in learning about leadership and acting as ambassadors for the Walnut Grove community.

The Walnut Grove Make-A-Difference is committed to community service and is comprised of 2nd-5th grade students.  Enrollment remains open throughout the year, and all are welcome to participate.  Several teachers and parents work together to help the students with their projects.  Parental involvement is encouraged and appreciated.

Our mission is to promote the development of character traits such as caring, responsibility, and citizenship by helping others.  Our pledge is, “I pledge to have courage, include others, be respectful and responsible, act nonviolently, and celebrate the ways I can improve the world.”

In developing these character traits and by living by our pledge we believe we are sowing the seeds of empowerment and developing young leaders that care about others and the world in which they live.

They meets on the second Wednesday of the month after school from 4:00 PM to 4:45 PM

Mrs. Taylor is the advisor.  Turn registration forms to Mrs. Taylor.

Email  Mrs. Janet Taylor with any questions.

WGES TV is a student run, closed circuit television station with Susan Schuster as advisor.  The studio broadcasts the “Good Morning, Walnut Grove” program to our student body every day.  Fifth grade students who are interested in working the studio or delivering the broadcast can sign up in August of each year.  Applications will be sent home with the students.  Students will staff the studio in one week increments.