Parent & Student Resources

Listed below are resources for both students and parents to utilize. The page is being redesigned so resources will be added as they once again become available.  If you cannot find what you need, use the Search box at the bottom of any page or contact us for assistance.

Parent Resources

Williamson County, in compliance with federal and state law, performs a countywide Child Find.

Child Find uses screening to find students in both public school or private school located in the geographic region who may need special education services and supports.

Child Find Informational Brochure

WCS Interscholastic Athletics Information

Before participating in athletics, students are required to have a physical on file dated after April 15 and complete the Final Forms process.

Purchasing a WMS Family Athletic Pass gets admission into all sporting events held at WMS, excluding tournaments for the 2020-2021 school year.

Woodland Middle adheres to the WCS dress code: In order for WCS to maintain a safe learning environment that minimizes distractions, the minimum standards for acceptable clothing during the school day are as follows:

  • Tops of shoulders must have a minimum of a 1-inch strap unless otherwise covered by an opaque top garment.
  • Skin and undergarments must be covered with opaque clothing from the underarm to mid-thigh. Mid-thigh is defined as the mid-point between the waist and mid-knee.
  • All pants, trousers, shorts and skirts must be held at the waist.
  • Leggings and other compression-style garments may be worn so long as an opaque top garment covers the private body parts.
  • Hats may be worn in buildings with the permission of building administration.
  • Appropriate shoes are required.
  • Any type of clothing, apparel or accessory, including that which denotes such students’ membership or affiliation with any gang associated with criminal activities is not permitted (TCA 49-6-4215).
  • Any apparel or dress that advertises or promotes products or activity prohibited by law or by the Board of Education is prohibited (e.g., profanity, illustrations, or suggestive language, etc.).
  • Student uniforms related to student extra-curricular activities (band, cheerleading, dance, sports teams, etc.) must be in compliance with this policy during the academic day.
  • Any apparel or dress that is potentially disruptive to the learning environment or educational process is not permitted. Any apparel or dress that is dangerous to the health or safety of students or the lawful, peaceful operation of the school is not permitted.
  • Administrators and teachers shall enforce this dress code policy. The principal and his/her designee shall be the final judge as to compliance with the dress code.