Helpful Information for Parents and Students

Winstead offers many forms of information to its parents. The principal emails and calls out to parents on a regular basis and classroom teachers send out newsletters weekly. Information that is needed often can be accessed quickly.

Arrival and Dismissal

Car riders will enter from the front of the building. Car riders may enter at 8:20 and may wait in the gym until 8:40. At 8:40 students will report directly to homerooms. Safety Patrol will be on duty beginning at 8:40 to open car doors. When dropping off your car rider, please only use the lane closest to the building. Do not use the outside lane to drop off your child! Please pull up to the line so that several students can get out of their cars at once. As soon as your car is stopped, your child should exit the vehicle. Please make sure that your child has his/her backpack and everything he/she will need for the day by the time your car stops in order to make this process as efficient as possible and so that we do not back up traffic. If you need to accompany your child into the building, you should park in a designated parking spot. Bus Riders will enter through the back doors near the cafeteria.


Car riders will be dismissed at 3:45. Car riders will wait quietly in an assigned section based on the first letter of their last name.

Parents/guardians entering the car loading area should form two lines. Parents/guardians will pull up between the white lines at the front and end of the covered walkway. Parents/guardians must have a car tag in the window of their car with their student’s name printed in large letters. The last name of the child should be at the top of the plate with the child/children’s names underneath. The tags are printed in the appropriate color as assigned in the following sections of the alphabet.

  • A-D (red)
  • E-H (orange)
  • I-M (yellow)
  • N-R (green)
  • S-T (blue)
  • U-Z (purple)

Parents will receive one labeled car tag created by the homeroom teacher. Parents are responsible for making additional paper plates for all of those who may be picking up the child/children. Anyone who picks up a child must have a car rider tag, no exceptions! School personnel will collect the tags from the parent/guardian. They will then gather the child/children from their designated areas along with the tags and bring them to the cars. When all students in the loading area are in their vehicles, school personnel will change the Stop sign at the front of the line to Go as a signal for cars to exit slowly from the car loading area so the next group can pull forward and follow the same procedure.

A few important notes for parents:

Parents will not be allowed to park on the side to pick up children. This will result in an un-excused early dismissal for your child/children! If you have been a Parent Volunteer during the school day, of course you will be allowed to exit the parking lot. Please leave your Volunteer sticker on for identification.

To ensure the security of each child, parents/guardians without a car tag will be unable to pick up their child/children in the carpool line. Parents without car tags will be re-directed to a parking area and must report to the office to sign a log-out sheet for their child’s/children’s release.

Early Dismissal/Dismissal Changes

Parents must send a signed, handwritten note to the child’s teacher for any dismissal changes. Please include your child’s first and last name, homeroom teacher, grade, bus number (if applicable) and with whom the child is riding. Should an emergency occur after the school day begins, you have until 2:00 to contact the office with the transportation change.

There will be no early dismissals after 3:15.

It is not our goal to inconvenience anyone…it is our responsibility to dismiss your children safely!

Attendance Policy

In order for a child to be counted present, he/she must be in school a minimum of three hours and 16 minutes.  An absence from school is excused for the following reasons:

  • Illness
  • Death in the family
  • Recognized religious holidays
  • Doctor or Dentist appointment
  • Principal approved emergency or exceptional circumstances

Students absent for any of the above reasons may make up work upon returning to school. All absences require a note sent to the school within 3 days of the absence. When writing an absence note, please include the following:

  • Date
  • Student name
  • Date of absence
  • Teacher name
  • Reason for absence (be specific)
  • Doctor’s excuse (if more than 5 days)
  • Signature of parent or guardian

All notes are kept on file in the principal’s office for the school year. A letter will be sent to parents when a child has accumulated 5 unexcused absences or excessive excused absences. A conference will be scheduled for the purpose of determining how the school might be helpful in improving your child’s attendance. For your convenience, we have created an absence note form and a trip form. You may download either form on the Parent Resources page.

**To be eligible for perfect attendance, students must have no more than a total of three early dismissals and/or tardies.

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