We are the Wildcats!

At Winstead Elementary School, we are all dedicated to the intellectual and educational development of every student. We encourage discovery, learning, and working together to make Winstead the best school it can be. Winstead’s staff, students, and parents are proud of our school, and share a vibrant school spirit in everything we do. Together we grow and learn to most effectively benefit our students.

5th Grade students gather at the flagpole to celebrate the start of the new school year.

By The Numbers

Current enrollment is 614.

Student to Teacher Ratios

K – 1:19
1st – 1:19
2nd – 1:20
3rd – 1:20
4th – 1:24
5th – 1:21

Winstead Staff Commitment

  • We will invest in team quality and excellence.
  • We will improve student centered operational support systems.
  • We will prepare students for the future.