We are the Wildcats!

At Winstead Elementary School, we are all dedicated to the intellectual and educational development of every student. We encourage discovery, learning, and working together to make Winstead the best school it can be. Winstead’s staff, students, and parents are proud of our school, and share a vibrant school spirit in everything we do. Together we grow and learn to most effectively benefit our students.

Mission Statement

I will help create a safe and loving family environment.
I will actively learn, develop my talents, and achieve success daily.
My life makes a difference at Winstead Elementary.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create citizens with strong intellect, character and self-esteem.

Current enrollment is 614.

Student to Teacher Ratios

K – 1:19
1st – 1:19
2nd – 1:20
3rd – 1:20
4th – 1:24
5th – 1:21

  • We will invest in team quality and excellence.
  • We will improve student centered operational support systems.
  • We will prepare students for the future.

Winstead Elementary School is located at 4080 Columbia Pike on twenty acres, three miles south of the Franklin Square.  The school was named after the owner of the property, Samuel Winstead, who is buried on the north side of Winstead Hill.  Winstead Hill, a park dedicated to the fallen soldiers of the Battle of Franklin, is located across the street from our school.

Winstead Elementary was the first two story elementary school to be built in Williamson County.  There were 39 classrooms in the building with a gym, cafeteria, multi-media center and five small rooms housing our specialized programs such as; Gifted Education, English Language Learners, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy.  The school is equipped with a closed circuit television production center as well.

Winstead Elementary School opened its doors for the first time in the fall of 2002.  The school facility was not ready to open on the targeted date; therefore, our students began their school year sharing facilities with a neighboring school.  The population of the two schools combined included over 900 students and was very crowded, as all teachers and students shared portable classrooms with other classes.  In order to boost morale and school spirit, all Winstead faculty and students took a quick bus ride to the site of our school and gathered around the flag pole.  This helped to create a sense of unity and pride for our new Wildcat family and this activity continues today.

Winstead Elementary opened with principal Josie Jacobs and assistant principal Quen Brown.  Winstead began with 20 teachers and 369 students.  In 2006, our school welcomed a new administrative team and many new teachers as well.  Principal Anita Anderson and assistant principal Julie Lankford joined the Winstead family for one school year.  The following school year Connie Kinder was assigned principal with assistant principal Kathy Wells.  Kathy Wells was named principal in December of 2012 joining her was Christy Serpas as assistant principal.  The administrative team of Kathy Wells, principal, Lynn Sawyer, assistant principal and Anthony Johnson, assistant principal, continues to lead Winstead Elementary School.