Activities at Winstead

Whatever the interest of your child, Winstead tries to provide something for everyone. See all of our seasonal and year-long activities and applicable grade levels.

Williamson County Schools is proud to offer K-5 Spanish and Chinese classes at many of our elementary schools.

Visit the Elementary World Language site to learn more about this program.

Contact Christina Gilliland for more information at 615-472-4127.

Winstead Run Team is offered to all students at Winstead and meets before school on Monday and Thursday mornings from 8:00 AM until 8:40 AM. All students will be supervised by a teacher and walked into the building together at the conclusion of the event.

Run Team dates will be released as soon as they are known. Permission slip will also be available when dates are released.

Run team is an opportunity for parents and students to enjoy morning exercises on our track. Each student will be given bracelets each time the complete a lap. Once the student completes a certain number of laps they will be given a toe token. Here is a breakdown of how each grade level will be given tokens.
K-1 will be 10 laps(2 miles)
2-3 will be 15 laps(3 miles)
4-5 will be 20 laps(4 miles)
We will also keep you informed of any upcoming races that students may attend in the fall and spring that will allow them to compete for individual awards if they choose to participate

Run team will be held on our outdoor track on top of the hill. If we have inclement weather conditions rain, sleet, snow, or unsafe temperatures word will be sent out as soon as possible or email Coach Whipple or Coach Barnes to confirm. If it is raining at the time of run team we will cancel. Our unsafe temp is 32 degrees, if it goes below that we will have to cancel run team.

In order to participate, fill out the permission slip form and return just that page to Coach Whipple or Coach Barnes prior to our 1st date of Run Team. Please keep this page for your records on Run team.

Winstead Jump Rope Team

Grades 2-5: Do you want to jump rope? Fill out and return the form from your purple folder. There is no online form for this activity.

Jump Rope Team meets on Fridays. This is a before school team, that will meet in the gym from 8:15-8:40 am. The students will be released at the 8:40 bell to get ready for school. We will have a gym door open for them to use to come in each morning as the main school doors will be locked.

Tennis shoes are a must for safety. Class activities will include instruction and demonstration in: -Single rope -partner tricks -long rope skills -group games -double dutch. There will be no charge for jump rope team this year. Space will be limited to 40 students, please fill out and return the sign up form from your child’s purple folder to Coach Whipple. He will send a response email once he gets the contact info confirming a spot in jump rope team.

The Paw Patch Store

The Paw Patch is Winstead’s school store. Each grade is assigned a day for shopping. The shopping day schedule for grade levels is below:

Pre-K/Kindergarten/1st Grade-Monday

2nd Grade- Tuesday

3rd Grade- Wednesday

4th Grade- Thursday

5th Grade- Friday

Children should report to their classroom to check in with their teacher before going to the school store. Store hours are 8:30- 9:00 each day.

Student Council is for 5th grade students at Winstead.  Students must fill out an application for a leadership position.  Students meet monthly and will be in charge of charitable projects for our school.  Applications will be given out by your child’s 5th grade teacher.  Contact your child’s teacher for more information.

If your 4th or 5th grade student would like to join safety patrol, simply send an email or note to Kathy Wells, our school principal. Mrs. Wells has to approve each member. All members are expected to make good decisions at school. They help with car riders only in the mornings 8:20 until approximately 8:40. There will be an adult with them before they can go outside to help. Safety Patrol will be divided into teams with a weekly rotation.  Officer Steve Craft will be supervising.

Winstead has its own close captioned TV News station!  Any 5th grader is encouraged to apply.  Ms. Brandi Sobanski is in charge of our morning show.  Send an email to Ms. Sobanski stating that your child can participate and that you commit to getting them to school by 8:30 AM during their rotation.  Based on the number of applicants, the length of time will be determined but typically students work on the morning show for 3-4 weeks and rotate off.  The last month of school, a few 4th graders will be selected by Ms. Sobanski to practice so they can begin the following school year.