Winstead Media Center

Students and parents both can find information about recommended books, our Accelerated Reader program and checkout policies for the Winstead Media Center.

Our beautiful library is a most pleasant learning environment! Gifted by parent artists, many volunteer hours, and a dedicated librarian, the library encourages young readers. Staffed by a full-time library media specialist and library assistant, the Winstead Library Media Center consists of over 10,256 books, 450 audio-visual titles, and subscriptions to over 15 different periodicals. There are resources available for our usage on the Williamson County Intranet page as well.

We have 12 student computers with Internet access for the use of the students/faculty and 4 computers with Internet access for Media Center staff. Winstead students enjoy a schedule that allows them to visit the Media Center for story time, informational skills instruction and to check out books. We also have a book fair once per year and information will come home with your child regarding the dates each year.

NameJob TitleTelephoneLinks
Myong-Suk Robinson
Kylee Wyckoff
Teacher Assistant

Anyone interested in volunteering to help in the library, please contact the Mrs. Robinson or Mrs. Wyckoff.

Please read our Library Policy Handbook. Follow this link for a quick glance at our library policies and other information.

Each class has a scheduled time to receive library instruction, return books and select new ones. Kindergarten and 1st grade are allowed to check out 1 book per child while 2nd-5th graders are allowed to check out 2 books per child.

Overdue Books -There is not a fine for overdue books. However, if a student has an overdue book, checkout privileges are suspended until the book is returned.

Lost Books – Books that have not surfaced in 30 days are presumed to be lost. An overdue bill with the cost of replacing the book will be sent home.  Checkout privileges are suspended until arrangements are made to remit payment for the lost book/s.  If a lost book is found within the same year, you may return it to the library and our school bookkeeper will issue a refund check.  If a lost book is found during another school year, unfortunately, we are unable to issue a refund, however the book is yours to keep.

Damaged Books –  Please return damaged books to the library for repair.  They will be assessed as to the severity of the damage by the Library Media Specialist.  Books that are deemed damaged beyond repair must be replaced. A damage bill with replacement costs will be sent home.  Please note that should a page accidentally rip, please return your book to the library and we will repair the page with special tape.  Checkout privileges are suspended until arrangements are made between parents and Mrs. Robinson to take care of Damaged Book Fines.

The Accelerated Reading program is a volunteer program that many teachers utilize at Winstead in order to help strengthen student reading and comprehension skills.  Students are tested three times a year through the STAR reading test and are given a reading range that is “just right” for their reading abilities.  Students may then read a book within their reading range and take a short reading quiz to obtain points.  Students participating in this program are also assigned a goal for each nine weeks and if the goal is met students are rewarded.  This program is only used in tandem to our reading curriculum as a practicing and strengthening tool and does not affect a student’s grade in any way.

Renaissance Place allows students to take the STAR reading placement test or Accelerated Reading book quizzes.  Please note that this site is only available to students at school and requires a student log-in.

Students and staff can search for books within the Winstead Media Center by visiting Follett Destiny Search Engine.  Students and staff can also access Follett Destiny through their Classlink Dashboard.