Our Daily Specials Classes Enrich Student Learning

Each day, Winstead students attend Special Classes for 45 minutes where they are challenged by Highly Qualified teachers in that specialty subject.

Below you can find a description of each Special Class your child will attend.

All of our art students apply Elements of Art and Principles of Design to help them understand the value of art in the world around them. Our students will incorporate a variety of cultures and mediums and even use fairy tales in their levels of art.  Some of the art mediums include drawing, painting, sculptures, textiles and clay. Students will discover connections between different subject areas such as social studies, science, language arts and math, reinforcing material learned in their academic classrooms.

There will be multiple opportunities for students to display their artwork including: exhibits at the Frist Center for Visual Arts, Williamson County Libraries and other art exhibition spaces. Some students will also be able to display their work at a variety of art festivals.

Through singing, playing instruments, and creative movement, students at Winstead Elementary School experience the joy of music.  Our Music Room is equipped with a wonderful large assortment of pitched and unpitched classroom percussion instruments.  Students in grades K, 2 and 4 perform in a music program during the school year.  These performances are a great way for students to share some of what they have learned during music class, as well as gain experience performing for an audience on a stage.  The performances are always tied to the educational curriculum from the classroom standards. Recorder lessons are a part of the 5th grade curriculum. We look forward to sharing our love of music with your child at Winstead.

The Winstead School Counseling program follows the ASCA standards for school counseling. It consists of a variety of services and activities including individual and group counseling, parent and teacher consultation, classroom guidance, information services, referral assistance to other programs in the community, and student testing. During the beginning guidance lessons of the school year students were reminded about being a bucket filler wherever they are.

A bucket filler is a tangible way to teach students about respect and kindness. The idea simplified is this we ALL have invisible buckets that hold our positive thoughts and good feelings about ourselves. We feel happy when our bucket is full and sad and lonely when it is empty. Your words impact other people’s buckets because you can either use kind words/compliments/do nice things/etc. and it fills their bucket or you can say mean things/ignore others/make fun of people/disrespect rules/etc. and it takes out of their bucket (called a bucket dipper).

We have discussed treating others with kindness and recognizing that each person is a part of a diverse local and global community. We will continue our discussion with respect of self, others and community and how we work towards responsibility within those areas as well. During this year students are learning life skills that are necessary for social and emotional growth. These include anger management, emotional awareness, decision making, self-concept, friendship skills, and character traits.

As a program, we will strive to grow your students’ motor and spatial awareness skills, cooperative skills, fitness level, and present your children with activities and games that they can do for their entire life. We offer Fall Run Team and Spring Run Team in the mornings to all students at Winstead, with information coming home in your child’s purple folder with appropriate dates. You are welcome to join your child on our annual Field Day, which takes place every May.

We offer a week in the fall for dads to come in and ‘do P.E.’ with their child. The dates will come home each year with your child, along with the schedule for which days your child attends P.E.

Williamson County Schools has teamed up with Adidas in their ECOM Partnership Program. The program offers discount codes specific to each school and Adidas donates 10% of the total spent back to the selected school as a fundraiser.  Find your school’s discount code and start shopping today!

Winstead students visit the library as part of the Special Class rotation.  Students may checkout the following number of books per grade level:  Kindergarten-one book, First and Second- two books, Third through Fifth-three books.  As part of their library visit they will, also, receive library instruction.

Students have daily access to the library where they may return or renew their books and checkout new ones.  Books may be renewed one time and then must be returned for others to enjoy.

There is not a fine for overdue books.  If a student has an overdue book, checkout privileges may be denied until the book is returned.  Books that have not surfaced in 30 days are presumed to be lost.  A bill with the cost of the book will be sent home.  If the book is found and returned we will issue a refund.  Books damaged while checked out to a student will be assessed by the librarian to determine whether repairs can be made.  A damage bill with replacement costs will be sent home for books damaged beyond repair.

We offer a Fall and Spring Book Fair, the Spring Fair is shorter and will conclude during Family Game Night.  We celebrate Read Across America the last week in February/first week in March.

Winstead Specials Classes Contacts

The specials teachers at Winstead provide our students with a variety of activities outside of the classroom.

NameJob TitleTelephoneLinks
Katie Barnes
P. E. Coach
Amanda Mize
Guidance Counselor
Myong-Suk Robinson
Barbara Spain
Art Teacher
Jon Whipple
P. E. Coach
Mallory Yerger
Music Teacher